Hospitals and medical offices are notorious for poor cellular coverage.  There are many factors that can affect coverage from building design to medical device interference, all of which can degrade signals.

As more and more clinicians use personal or hospital-issued cell phones for mission-critical functions, the demand for reliable signals has increased dramatically, and some providers are finding that standard cell signals don’t penetrate to many areas of their facility. This is where an indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) comes in.

Comba recently commissioned multiple DAS systems within 4 Ingalls Health centers in conjunction with Wireless Concepts completing the system design, project management, and integration.  In the end, Comba’s equipment was able to enhance the coverage in each of the centers to better than -80dBm (5 bars of signal). To learn more about how Ingalls Heath was able to solve their in-building cellular coverage, see the case study below: