Wireless Concepts is an established, leading provider of innovative wireless engineering services and solutions including custom scalable in-building and outdoor — iDAS, oDAS, First Responder/Public Safety, WiFi, Small Cell —wireless systems.

Our enterprise and carrier class network designs and solutions meet all current wireless service provider standards for engineering design, performance, reliability, and component selection criteria.

With more than twenty years of experience and thousands of successful iDAS, First Responder/Public Safety, WiFi and oDAS projects, our expertise in the wireless industry helps shortens our customers’ time to system deployment, saves them money, increases productivity, and improves efficiencies.

Our leadership, engineering and operations teams collaborate with our clients to help them adopt new technologies, deploy, and optimize their networks to meet the latest demands.

Wireless Concepts’ suite of services helps improve wireless coverage and capacity for the largest service providers and enterprise customers. We offer complete, custom-designed turnkey solutions for wireless carriers, enterprise and public safety entities. We leverage our substantial wireless industry experience and in-building expertise to give our customers a seamless experience.


Superior Expertise

Wireless Concepts possesses a broad range of engineering and deployment experience including:

  • 5G
  • 4G LTE
  • 4G/5G Small Cell
  • Private LTE/CBRS
  • First Responder / Public Safety
  • WiFi
  • AI-Driven Wireless
  • Network Analytics and Insights
  • UMTS
  • CDMA
  • EVDO

We blend telecommunications experience with applied skills in areas such as network design, systems engineering, project management, cabling infrastructure validation, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Proven Process

Wireless Concepts understands that the key to a successful project is in the execution: on-time and on or below budget. Our team members actively engage with clients early in the process to fully understand the project requirements, create milestones and mitigate potential issues.

Once Wireless Concepts begins a project, we implement custom wireless solutions in an agile, yet process-oriented, approach that delivers high-quality, cost-effective results that consistently exceed expectations.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our wireless system designs are based upon feasibility, adherence to strict wireless service provider standards, integration with existing networks, and support for future technology expansion. Venue type and construction, zoning considerations and aesthetics, and any other issues that can impact implementation, design, and integration are taken into account. By taking these factors into consideration during the design phase, we are able to mitigate many of the implementation delays, redesigns, and cost overruns associated with wireless network deployment.

Managing Complexity

The demand for and complexity of wireless systems grow daily at an unprecedented rate. Sophisticated, scalable, and flexible wireless networks are an absolute necessity in our interconnected world. That is where Wireless Concepts makes the difference.

Wireless Concepts has deep expertise in wireless engineering and the telecommunications industry. Our levels of expertise, vendor neutrality, and extensive network of suppliers allow Wireless Concepts to provide the most comprehensive, unbiased, and cost effective wireless network solutions available while still meeting or exceeding strict wireless service provider engineering and performance standards.

Carrier Operations

At Wireless Concepts, we have an intimate knowledge of carrier operations, network planning and wireless engineering that ensures our custom-engineered wireless networks provide years of exceptional performance.

Wireless service providers, public venue managers, healthcare providers, commercial real estate owners/managers, institutes of higher education, and the hospitality industry are operating in a dynamic and challenging environment. Quality of service expectations are extremely high and competition on the data services front is intense. Wireless service providers and the various industries and venues they serve face increasing pressure to deploy new technologies, improve coverage, and increase network capacity.

We combine extensive engineering and operations expertise with industry best-practices and innovative design approaches to offer our clients cost-effective wireless network solutions that help them succeed in the current environment and in the future.