Service Provider Approved Solutions for All Industries

VERIZON, AT&T, T-MOBILE, ERICSSON, US CELLULAR and SPRINT all trust Wireless Concepts to engineer, deploy, and optimize custom iDAS and oDAS solutions for their award-winning networks.

One of our core principles is to work intimately with the wireless service providers to ensure that all of our custom engineered wireless networks are designed and deployed to their exacting requirements.

We combine extensive engineering and operations expertise with industry best-practices and innovative design approaches to offer our clients cost-effective wireless network solutions that help them succeed in the current environment and in the future.

Turn-Key Wireless In-Building Solutions


We utilize the latest industry accepted data collection and post-processing tools to perform and analyze a comprehensive survey of the RF environment.


We leverage our extensive suite of carrier-approved suppliers, OEM’s, and component/hardware manufacturers to create a custom, seamless system that meets or exceeds service provider standards for performance and reliability.


We then engineer sophisticated yet cost-effective in-building wireless networks using the latest industry standard software design tools and processes including iBwave™. Our detailed designs meet or exceed NFPA® 72, IFC, or any other state adopted codes and ensure coverage for all the services needed in the communications solution.


We take full responsibility for the installation and commissioning of all hardware, components, and cabling to ensure that all quality, operational, performance, and reliability metrics are met.


We can remotely monitor the performance of the system, if desired, and provide technical support and maintenance packages that help provide peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Wireless Concepts Wireless Care Protection (WC² Protection) suite of plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum Levels available).


Our decision to award and extend the contract to Wireless Concepts was based on previous performance, reputation, quality, technological knowledge, urgency, price to complete the project, and the ability to work effectively with the Sprint PCS engineering team. Wireless Concepts enjoys our confidence for a job well done.

I wanted to send a note to let everyone know that Greg and his team from Wireless Concepts completed their installations this morning and we’ve confirmed that signal strength is now excellent in all of the buildings. Thanks a lot to all involved, it was a very smooth implementation and professional as always!

I really must say that I do enjoy working with your Wireless Concepts Team and the customers have shared the same feedback!