West Allis, WI— May 1, 2020 — As Wisconsin State Fair Park prepares an Alternate Care Facility (ACF) inside the Exposition Center, Wireless Concepts completes implementation of a newly upgraded distributed antenna system (DAS). The system delivers coverage and capacity enhancements to Verizon Wireless, ensuring timely access to vital, voice and data telecommunication services.

Covid-19 Front-Line Response
Alternate Care Facilities (ACF) are a necessary solution to alleviate surges in hospital capacity. Should hospital limits become tested in southeastern Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center has the potential to accommodate more than 500 beds https://wistatefair.com/wsfp/covid-19-precautions/. Wireless Concepts remains committed to support state and medical establishments by accelerating integration of essential telecom solutions for front-line workers. When considering the needs of medical staff, facility employees, police security, volunteers, patients and families, it is imperative to have a seamless DAS network that provides access to wireless communications.

About Wireless Concepts
Wireless Concepts International (http://wirelessConcepts.us.com) is an established, leading engineering services company providing innovative telecom solutions. Our portfolio includes custom scalable in-building distributed antenna systems (iDAS), First Responder/Public Safety, WiFi, Small Cell —wireless systems

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